• 2018 Excellence in Commerce Awards - Kyle Chamber of Commerce











    "I started my career out in the travel business and fell in love with traveling. After spending some time traveling and opening offices around the country, I was ready for a new challenge. In my quest to find that challenge, a precious metals company recruited me to take over as their EVP of sales. With a renewed vision, great team, and new mindset we grew that business from 30 million to over 150 million annually in just a few years. I've always been fascinated by negative people and the reason I say that is I believe if they change their mindset everything will get better in their life. In 2013, I took on one of my most difficult challenges to date and stepped in as CEO of a start up CPG brand based here in Austin TX.  Two years later, we launched our first RTD "ready to drink". Now the brand is in over 8,000 retail locations and is the fastest independent growing brand in America. We just secured placement with Wal-Mart, Target, HEB, Circle K, and many more. I love people, and I'm a firm believer that it takes a village to create anything great. There are some simple yet effective ways to break through to any individual and or business, so long as they have an open mind. I look forward to sharing some of these practices and helping you grow your organization." -Remmy Castillo, Moonshine Sweet Tea