• Coming from I35 northbound, take the access road to Brent Blvd. and turn right. At the intersectional Goforth Rd.. turn right again. Goforth Square is just down the road on the left.

    Coming from I35 southbound, take the Kyle Parkway exit and go left over the interstate. Go to Dacy Lane and turn right. Then turn right again on Bunton Creek Rd. Make a left on Goforth Rd. and take that south to Goforth Square.

    Note that with the construction, directions may change as new detours emerge. Check the city's website at www.cityofkyle.com for updates.

    Click Here to print the Goforth Square Access Routes

    Businesses that are open in Goforth Square

  • Professional Hispanic Services

    (512) 292-9740

    187 Elmhurst Drive, Suite F

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Russel Thompson, PhD

    (210) 699-8700

    187 Elmhurst Drive, Suite E  

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Satellite Dialysis

    (512) 392-9199

    134 Elmhurst Drive

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Service Excellence Training

    165 Elmhurst Drive, Suite C

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Synergy Financial

    (512) 268-9220

    165 Elmhurst Drive, Suite B

    Kyle, TX 78640

    The Kid Ranch Christian

    (512) 268-6406

    207 Elmhurst Drive

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Texas Institute of Interventional Pulmonary & Sleep, Ltd.

    (512) 504- 3061

    211 Elmhurst Drive, Suite D

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Texas Oncology

    (512) 268-5383

    211 Elmhurst Drive, Suite A

    Kyle, TX 78640

    The Door Christian Fellowship

    (512) 577-6579

    147 Elmhurst Drive, Suite 500

    Kyle, TX 78640

    T Morales Company

    211 Elmhurst Drive, Suite C

    Kyle, TX 78640

    Your Home Health Care

    (512) 786-4198

    187 Elmhurst Drive, Suite C

    Kyle, TX 78640