• Crusher Operator

    Texas Disposal Systems and Garden-Ville
    Job Description
    In order to be considered for a position, you must submit an employment application online.  Please visit our careers page: www.texasdisposal.com/careers.

    The Crusher Operator is responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining machines to crush and grind concrete.
    Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when and where required.
    Comply with company safety policies and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.
    Observe operation of equipment to ensure continuity of flow, safety, and efficient operation, and to detect malfunctions.
    Examine materials, ingredients, and products, visually or with hands, to ensure conformance to established standards.
    Move controls to start, stop, and adjust machinery and equipment that crushes, grinds, polishes, and blends materials.
    Clean, adjust and maintain equipment, using hand tools.
    Weigh or measure materials, ingredients, and products at specified intervals to ensure conformance to requirements.
    Read work orders to determine production specifications and information.
    Dislodge and clear jammed materials or other items from machinery and equipment, using hand tools.
    Tend accessory equipment, such as pumps and conveyors, to move materials and ingredients through production processes.
    Record data from operations, testing, and production on specified forms.
    Load materials into machinery and equipment, using hand tools.
    Clean work areas.
    Notify supervisors of needed repairs.
    Transfer materials, supplies, and products between work areas, using moving equipment and hand tools.
    Reject defective products and readjust equipment to eliminate problems.
    Inspect chains, belts, and scrolls for signs of wear.
    Test samples of materials and products to ensure compliance with specifications, using test equipment.
    Collect samples of materials and products for laboratory testing.
    Set mill gauges to specified fineness of grind.
    Mark bins as to types of mixtures stored.
    Turn valves to regulate the moisture contents of materials.
    Add and mix chemicals and ingredients for processing, using hand tools or other devices.
    Other duties as assigned.
    One year of related medium or heavy equipment experience and/or specialized training; 
    Excellent driving skills for heavy equipment;
    Ability to read and interpret documents such as a Vehicle Condition Reports (VCR), accident reporting and safety rules and procedures, operating instructions, procedure manuals, and other paperwork used in operations;
    Basic math skills;
    Ability to follow instructions;
    Available to work overtime when needed.
    Available to work at other locations, possibly out of town, when needed.
    Ability to communicate effectively in English with drivers, helpers, and supervisors; and
    Ability to read, comprehend and write simple instructions, safety rules, short correspondence, and memos.

    High school diploma or equivalent
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