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  • Creating and Negotiating Business Contracts: What You Should Know

    Offer Valid: 06/16/2022 - 05/31/2024

    It is difficult for business owners to operate without contracts because assurances are needed if they are to be making deals with others. The agreement could be between employees and employers, the supply chain, or customers. Like other legal documents, business contracts must conform with the law by addressing what rules apply, offers to be processed, the intention, and whether the parties are fit to be entering into a legal agreement.

    What is the Purpose of a Business Contract?

    Contracts are vital in building business relationships and ensuring the completion of business transactions. They are evidence of commitment between parties, making private agreements legally enforceable, and mitigating business risks and conflicts. They also help businesses maintain compliance, ensure you get paid, and increase business revenue by allowing you to negotiate terms that work in your favor.

    While negotiating a contract, ensure you’re assigned comfortable rights and obligations while keeping the risks to a minimum. Remember that you intend to advance your business's interests, similar to the other parties. Before a business contract negotiation session, ensure you:

    • Research and prepare for the negotiation 

    • List and rank your objectives and prioritize your goals

    • Set concessions in advance to avoid being caught off guard by unexpected offers

    • Work towards a win-win outcome from the first interaction with the other parties

    • Keep the agreement confidential

    • Take your time before making decisions

    How to Create a Valid Business Contract

    When creating a business contract, list all details and parameters related to the exchange deal and document everything in writing. It's also essential to have a witness and a legal representative present during the drafting and signing of the contract. Use the most straightforward language and make the obligations detailed to avoid misinterpretation. Ensure you refer to involved parties correctly and deal directly with the people responsible for implementing the contract. Finally, include payment contract termination details.

    While drafting a business contract, there are specific tools you can use to present, edit, and modify your agreement. These tools automate the contract process, shorten the approval time, increase contract visibility, improve audit preparation, and ensure compliance and complete commitment. Some of these tools include PandaDoc, Concord, Agiloft, DocuSign, and Juro.

    Should you have sections of a previous contract that you want to incorporate into your new agreement, you can extract PDF pages online for free to create the new PDF. Select the pages you want in the new contract and use the tool to make another PDF file with that content included.

    Bottom Line

    Business contracts are inevitable for business owners. They are essential because they outline the role and responsibilities of the parties involved, ensure you receive your payment on time, mitigate risks, and state the consequences of breaching the contract. If you are a business owner, join the local chamber of commerce and network within your business community to learn more about how to utilize contracts to run your business more successfully.

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