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    Parasites are SCARY!
    $10 off Intestinal Parasite Screenings
    Parasites are scary! During the month of October we will be offering $10 off intestinal parasite screenings. 

    Dogs (and cats) are victims of several intestinal parasites frequently referred to as worms. The most common are the roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Of these four only two are commonly seen in the stool with the unaided eye: roundworms and tapeworms. 

    Often you will be able to tell if your dog or cat has worms by the symptoms they are exhibiting. Most worm infestations cause any or all of these symptoms:

    • Diarrhea, perhaps with blood

    • Weight loss

    • Dry hair

    • General poor appearance

    • Vomiting, perhaps with worms in the vomit

    However, some infestations cause few or no symptoms; in fact some worm eggs or larvae can be dormant in the pet's body and activated only in times of stress.

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    Offer Valid: October 1, 2019October 31, 2019
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