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  • Welcome to the Kyle Area Chamber or Commerce Business Book Club! 


    All of these titles come with recommendations from our members, and are related to business. Whether you're looking for expert advise on public speaking, need guidance on learning to say 'no' or hoping to gain a new skill; there is something on this list for you!


    If you have a title that you think could benefit the business community, we'd love to hear it. Call us at 512.268.4220 or drop us a line at Marketing@kylechamber.org so we can share it!


    Follow the link below for our running archive of previous recommendations!




  • The Walk of Dreams: Fidning Fame in Hollywood (Or Wherever Life Leads) By Leron Gubler

    Published December 2021

    Few people know the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame better than Leron Gubler, who headed the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for 26 years. In this memoir of the Walk of Fame and himself, Gubler shares insights gained through listening to hundreds of celebrities at the ceremonies as well as behind-the-scenes information about the management of the famous Walk. He affirms that the average person has a lot more in common with a Hollywood star than they might imagine, and he details the challenges those celebrities encountered and overcame to achieve success. Their stories show that where someone is from - whether inner city, rural village, or somewhere in-between - is no barrier to finding success in life. His upbeat and inspirational message to anyone who has a dream is: "Go ahead and reach for your star!"


  • The New Elevator Pitch: The definitive Guide to Persuasive Communication in the Digital Age By Chris Westfall

    Published May 2012

    There's never a good time to make a bad presentation. Take control of your personal message and discover how to make a real connection, with a book that shatters the myth of the old-school elevator pitch. The NEW Elevator Pitch is more than just a short two-minute speech; it's a method of communication for the digital age. Whether you tweet it or tell it, your story has to be strong, or it's lost in the noise. Here's the hold-your-handbook for creating a compelling and authentic connection to the people that matter most.





  • Social Media Marketing Workbook By Jason McDonald

    Published December 2020

    The book begins with content marketing, proceeds through each major platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube) and helps you to make a plan for how to market a business on social media. The book is based on an analogy - that social media is like a party and that you are the 'party thrower.' You need content just as you'd need food and entertainment, you need a promotion strategy just as you'd need invitations, and you need a systematic understanding of each social platform, just as you'd need a lot of technical knowledge to throw a great wedding or a great corporate meet-and-greet. Indeed, you'll be throwing a 'party with a purpose,' using social media marketing to build your brand and ultimately sell more stuff.

  • Recommended by Julie Snyder CEO of the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce

    "I felt honored and proud while reading this book. Leron was my class advisor when I went through my Institute for Organization Management training in 1997 and he was clearly a leader that I wanted to learn from. This book not only offers insight into the history of the Walk of Fame; it describes the experiences, stories, and emotions that gave me a new appreciation for the struggles and triumphs of us, as humans. Regardless of our industry, we will work hard, we will sometimes fail and succeed; and we hope to remain humbled by our success.  It's a fun read and I hope you enjoy it."


  • Recommended by Vince Michel, Membership Representative for the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce

    "The New Elevator Pitch is more than just learning how to sell your product or service. The guide goes into several different topics, where presenting yourself in an authentic way and the steps you take to present that authenticity will have long-term positive effects on how well you connect with others. I picked up this book from a friend when I was job searching and the book helped me start to understand myself as an individual and helped me verbalize certain characteristics about my work ethic, attitude, and other areas of my life. I recommend you read this book if you want to grow your confidence and find your individuality."


  • Recommended by Ariel Carmon, Events and Communications Coordinator for the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce

    "I am someone who is always looking to learn more about my industry, especially as digital marketing continues to evolve. This covers a wide range of topics, described in a way that makes sense! I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to increase their general knowledge or revamp their social media platforms. Whether you're someone who does this for a living or just starting to transition to more business-orientated digital marketing this book has something for you."


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